What is Stepwell?

In the fast paced, high stakes world of special education, intense collaboration around results driven accountability is the key to not only compliance, but to system improvement at every level.

Stepwell’s core is the work of LEA’s in response to specific findings around Parts B and C indicators and general supervision monitoring activities. Stepwell ensures that the work itself is well defined: the right data is available at the right time to inform root cause analysis and provide a firm foundation for improvement planning; best practice is “automatic,” embedded in every step a district takes in response to a finding; a communications engine optimizes requests and notifications to ensure they are directed to the right person and when necessary. Stepwell users collaborate for results, not stopping at merely communicating and coordinating for compliance.

Clearing away obstacles to collaboration between a monitor and an LEA team involve providing a monitor visibility into timely and relevant data, history, individuals engaged in the work, process, and status related to timelines in the event of a finding.

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Powerful performance metrics

Stepwell’s Data Bytes compile relevant data to create a snapshot into a district’s performance.

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User-friendly workflow automation

Our progress tracking methods keep things moving in the system to ensure improvement plans are being followed with clear next steps to work toward.

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Alignment of SEA monitoring/local initiatives

Visible plan reporting and instant communication allows SEAs and LEAs to be on the same page for improvement.

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Flexible reporting options

Stepwell allows state education agencies to configure reports to meet the needs of the different roles specific to their state.

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On-demand data

With everything on one platform, education officials can quickly find the data they need.

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Web-based, collaborative workspace

Our integrated platform allows mobile access to data and communication.

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How will Stepwell help my students?

Stepwell ensures that improvement plans get followed with our automated workflow.

Is my data safe?

Stepwell’s uses of the most up-to-date security and encryption methods to keep data in the right hands.

How do I know what work needs to get done?

Stepwell’s dashboard allows users to see what deadlines are coming up and what they need to do to meet them.

I like the data system I currently have. Can I keep using it?

Stepwell can easily integrate with other data platforms, enhancing the value of the system overall.

How will Stepwell change the work of SEAs?

Stepwell lets SEAs have a broad view of state compliance status and discrete look at individual district activities.

How will Stepwell change the work of LEAs?

LEAs never again have to worry that they don’t have insight into their own special education correction and improvement activities.

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