Flexible reporting options

User-friendly workflow automation

Alignment of SEA monitoring/local initiatives

Powerful performance metrics

On-demand data

Web-based, collaborative workspace

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What is Stepwell?

Web-based and easy to navigate, Stepwell offers a single collaborative workspace to manage every aspect of Part B and Part C of IDEA compliance.

Our integrated platform drives continuous improvement in special education by combining automated best practices for corrective action steps with on-demand access to the right data. Target performance using powerful metrics while enjoying flexible options for reporting to stakeholders.

Stepwell simplifies systems, processes, resources, and data for state agencies and LEAs. The educators who developed Stepwell have extensive experience crafting solutions for educational agencies.

Do we command timely compliance data at our fingertips?

Stepwell’s on-demand data drives our decisions.

How can we work more efficiently with our colleagues?

By using Stepwell’s web-based, collaborative workspace.

How are our special education population and programs doing?

Stepwell’s powerful performance metrics let us know.

Are local initiatives and state compliance needs aligned?

Stepwell’s integrated features coordinate the work of SEAs and LEAs.

Does managing IDEA Parts B & C findings feel complex?

Stepwell’s workflow lets us know what to do and when.

What can we do when superintendents want to know now?

Take advantage of Stepwell’s flexible reporting options.

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