Andrew Henry

Andrew is the creator of Stepwell and founder of Red Cedar Software Group. He is passionate about employing design thinking, technology, data and innovation to address some of society’s most challenging issues, including educating all children and managing rapid, complex change in organizations. Prior to Stepwell, Andrew played several significant roles in the education community: teacher; school district technology coordinator; education technology researcher; state director for educational data; and chief officer for research and development at a national education laboratory.


With his more than two decades of experience, Andrew has developed the expertise to motivate his team to turn ideas, understandings and analytics into elegantly coded UI designs and smart workflow applications. With Stepwell, Andrew and his team fashioned this unique context to create a technology solution to address head-on the challenges faced by State and Local Education Agencies around special education monitoring, compliance and improvement.


As a consultant to an SEA Office of Special Education, Andrew acquired unique insights into the heightened demands of Results-Driven Accountability (RDA) around procedural compliance vs. special education results and outcomes for students. These insights have formed the basis of Stepwell’s robust compliance, monitoring and improvement functionality.