Empowering Teams to Evaluate Special Education Results using Data

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By Andrew Henry The first post in this series focused on the overall need to make improvements to special education reporting by focusing on results rather than just compliance with federal requirements. Our opportunity in moving beyond mere data collection is to deliver more technical assistance and services to support students with disabilities, leading to improved learning gains. This […]

Moving from Compliance to Results in Special Education

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By Andrew Henry State education officials tasked with improving the delivery of PreK-12 special education services work diligently to review school districts’ special education programs and offer technical assistance to local educators. But all too often, these efforts focus more on compliance with Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. To a person, […]

Three Things Learned at NASDSE 2018

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This October, the Stepwell team attended the annual National Association of State Directors of Special Education (NASDSE) conference. The theme of this year’s conference, “Aligning Systems of Support to Improve Meaningful Daily Outcomes,” relates closely to what Stepwell works toward each day with our mission to drive system improvement at every level. There were a […]

Visibility in Stepwell

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One word you will hear a lot when learning about Stepwell is “visibility.” We use it all the time to describe our platform and our goals. From “providing visibility into special education monitoring” to “creating visibility with timely and relevant data,” we place a lot of importance on that single word. So why are we […]

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The Story of the Stepwell Logo

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In our journey to create Stepwell, our team has done a lot of thinking about the work that has to go into improving special education. While our platform focuses on streamlining compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, our ultimate goal is to help schools improve the results of their special education programs. When […]

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Step Up with Stepwell: Understanding Results Driven Accountability

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Results Driven Accountability. Everyone can agree that it’s a good idea in theory. Of course we should focus on the quality of education for students with special needs rather than whether teachers and administrators can fill out the correct compliance paperwork. But how do we ensure appropriate education and get results? The Office of Special […]

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How does Implementation Science Impact Education?

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Many people have proposed creative ways to bring school classrooms into the 21st century. From blended learning to flipped classrooms, innovators are creating new approaches to keeping students engaged and directing the path of their own growth. Regardless of the brilliance or effectiveness of an innovation, a new program is simply not enough, in and […]