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Get the Tech: Stepwell Complements Existing Education Software

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Education software is currently in a continuous state of improvement. From IEP generation and management tools, to student information systems and curriculum development tools, software continues to improve the quality and timeliness of data available to administrators and educators. Stepwell is built to work with these systems. As they have matured, these solutions have taken […]

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Get the Tech: A Platform for Collaboration and Flexibility

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Stepwell runs in the cloud: that shining beacon of software deployment that has risen out of the ashes of client-side database and application complexity to hover in the sky above its users, standing ready to be accessed with just an Internet connection. Or, so those less familiar with technology might imagine. The reality, of course, […]

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Get the Tech: Understanding Stepwell’s Innovative Technology

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Stepwell is more than just an application. It’s a new beginning for improving performance in the education sector. Stepwell is a platform that facilitates collaboration by bringing together resources, data, processes, and applications. The constituencies we serve in the education market—SEAs, LEAs, and educators—have struggled for too long trying to “Frankenstein” siloed IT solutions across […]