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Step Up with Stepwell: Monitoring Workflow

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At first glance, IDEA Parts B and C compliance is a swirl of IEP meetings, documentation, deadlines, data analysis, and handoffs between local and state education agencies. Keeping track of workflow can be a daunting task, especially for the educators and administrators who have an abundance of other responsibilities with their own demands and deadlines. […]

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Step Up with Stepwell: Learning Through State Data Visualization

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The data surrounding IDEA Parts B and C are complicated, drawing information from graduation rates, enrollment statistics, compliance measures, and more. Complex as it is, it’s essential for LEA and SEA users to understand and interpret data.  It indicates patterns and trends that reveal past, present, and the potential future performance levels related to students […]

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Step Up with Stepwell: Our Administrative Background

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Administrators and managers at state education agencies need to balance a complex variety of responsibilities, including the wide-ranging needs of students, the monitoring of school districts, budget constraints, and the exacting demands of federal and state legislation. It’s important work, but outdated solutions and unclear direction can bog it down. The Stepwell team knows this, because […]